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Using CCleaner? How to check if you’ve been hacked!

CCleaner, a popular junk cleaning tool, has been hacked. This means that about 20 million users worldwide have their devices compromised to the attackers. All that by downloading it from the OFFICIAL website!

New Windows Backdoor Malware CowerSnail discovered

A new kind of Backdoor Malware has been seen on the radar of security researchers. The trojan named CowerSnail is a virus made by the same group that was responsible for the exploitation SambaCry vulnerability that made it possible for them infect a load of Linux servers for the mining of cryptocurrency.

Petya creator releases private key

The original creator of the Petya ransomware, who goes under the alias “Janus”, has released the private key of the infamous Petya malware. This key will help the recovery or decryption of computers infected with Petya. It will not help however, with the decryption of files infected with the more recent variant called “NotPetya”.