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Awareness Campaigns

Does your business have a bigger team of employees that often use your network, like via email or by using a shared server? By executing a Phishing Campaign, we test how conscious your team is about their cybersecurity and how safely they work with data.

We send out false (phishing) emails to your company to survey what percentage of your team would click on the links or download dishonest software. This also allows us to tell you what employees would let hackers enter your system.

Based on your wishes and the nature of your company, we can also perform physical social engineering tests or do them by phone. That way we survey if your employees would give away delicate data to strangers during a phone call or face-to-face conversation.

Our Phishing platform allows us to run one-time or recurring phishing tests completely tailored to your company. When users click a malicious email, we can give them automated online training or keep everything a secret until the report comes, depending on your preferences.

After the test, we make up a report that gives you insight into your team’s security awareness. Based on the results you can opt to host awareness sessions (seminars) at your business where we present the facts to your team and inform them about how to raise their data security.

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