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Red Team Pentesting

For Red Team Pentesting, we use our experience as ethical hackers to act like criminal hackers and break into your system like they would. That way, we can measure how easily and quickly real hackers could take control over your system, data and IT-equipment.

Using Red Team Pentesting might be interesting for you as a business manager to shine a light on your company’s cybersecurity. But it’s also useful if you work in the IT-department and need to prove to the management that it’s really worth investing in cybersecurity: it’s your ultimate shot to show them how sensitive your system is today.

For Red Team Pentesting, we first determine the scope of the test. We decide on when we can do the test, what we can attack during the test or what you would maybe like to focus on more. But we also define the techniques we will be using in advance.

After finding a leak in your system, we deliver a Red Team Pentesting report. In that report you can read concisely and in plain human language what steps we followed to break into your system and how quickly we succeeded at that. We also write down a few words of advice for your business to keep hackers at bay in the future.

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