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Network Audit

To ensure your company’s cybersecurity, you first have to determine the sensitivity of your system. During a Network Audit, we thoroughly research potential risks and uncover them in a detailed report.

For a Network Audit, we first determine the scope of the test. We decide on when we can do the test, what we can attack during the test or what you would maybe like to focus on more. But we also define the techniques we will be using in advance. The scope of a Network Audit is always quite broad, as you’ll preferably have your full system checked, but of course we take any specific wishes into account.

There are three ways in which we can perform a Network Audit:

  • Black Box: we get zero information about the network and its configuration
  • Grey Box: we get a restricted amount of information about the network and its configuration
  • White Box: we get all the information about the network and its configuration


This will influence the nature of the test, but also its result.

After the full scan, we work out a report that features two big elements: a concise summary and a longer, more elaborate technical part. The technical version consists of a list of the found risks and how you as a business can resolve those.

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