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Cybersecurity Consultants

Brussec Security was founded by Pablo Brusseel, who uses his IT-expertise and ethical hacking skills to guide your way to optimal cybersecurity.

As a kid, Pablo was already a real internet freak and explored the endless possibilities of software and the world wide web. But at an early age, he also encountered their dangers: as a young gamer, his online game was hacked and left him devastated. Hacked? Me? How on earth? He experienced that you can quickly lose everything you’ve built up to a hacker, just by clicking the wrong link or overseeing a data leak. Of course, in an online game, this has little impact, but for your business it could easily be a matter of delicate data or even big sums of money.

For that reason exactly, Pablo jumped into the world of cybersecurity, perfectly in line with his IT-talent and professional cyber skills. He started working as a consultant and founded his own company Brussec Security a little while later. The business has only grown ever since and is now known to be a specialised, all-round cybersecurity agency that helps companies to increase their safety. And Brussec Security is still making progress, as Pablo is constantly looking for the right innovative smart capital to top up the team. You can count on Brussec Security as partner for your cybersecurity.

Audits and tailored advice

A hacker breaking into your system could be disastrous for your business. It could put you in a time-consuming security crisis, and could also cost you a lot of money or damage your reputation towards your clients. Because their safety, too, is in danger at that moment.

Prevent a crisis like that by being prepared and by regularly having your system’s security checked. Through extensive audits, we research the potential dangers and expose data leaks. But we also check how quickly hackers can break into your system and how safely your employees handle your company’s data. Based on those audits, we give thorough advice and offer you solutions to increase your business’s cybersecurity.

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Meet the team

Pablo Brusseel

Pablo Brusseel

CEO / Founder / Lead Hacker

Simon Scannell

Simon Scannell

Freelance Web Security Analyst

Midas Roelandt

Midas Roelandt

Video Editor / Graphic Designer



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