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Web Application Audit

Does your company have a web application, a webshop or does it process data in another way via your website? Then you’ll definitely want to ensure the security of your company and its clients.

To give you an idea of the dangers of a poorly secured web application or website, here are some examples of what hackers could do:

  • take over accounts
  • delete crucial data
  • execute free purchases on your webshop
  • use your platform to redirect users to their own, malicious website

With a Web Application Audit we expose the potential risks of your application or website and offer you the solutions to resolve them.

There are three ways in which we can execute a Web Application Audit:

  • Black Box: we get no code of the web application or website
  • Grey Box: we get to see code snippets
  • White Box: we get the full code of the web application or website

After the full scan, we work out a report that features two big elements: a concise summary and a longer, more elaborate technical part. The technical version consists of a list of the found risks and how you as a business can resolve those.

Let’s secure your web application or website. Contact us for a non-binding Skype call.