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Incident Response

Things have gone way wrong with your cybersecurity: your system has been hacked and malware has found its way in, or a hacker is making use of your delicate data.

What now? In these cases, we also offer a much needed SOS to you and your business – even if you’ve never had your system audited by us. Our Incident Response (IR) Method allows us to act precisely and effectively in times of crisis. The method looks like this:

  1. Our IR-team comes over to check on the dangers and to determine its gravity.
  2. We make sure the danger doesn’t spread, so the problem can’t get any bigger.
  3. Our IR-team researches the cause of the danger, looks for leaks in the system and closes them up immediately.
  4. We neutralize the danger and delete it from your system.
  5. You receive a report which features all the information you need about the incident – including its cause and how we solved it, plus what you can do to prevent it in the future.

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