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Protecting your company’s data is crucial, and also obligatory under the new GDPR-laws. However, it is still too often overlooked. By taking the right measures to optimise your cybersecurity, you not only take care of your professional and personal information, you also increase your honourability towards your clients. And not unimportant: you prevent a time-consuming security crisis.

Let us help you to insure your company’s security. Brussec Security offers services that are tailor-made for your business depending on your needs.

Security Consulting

Do you manage a business and do you want to know how secure your business is from hackers? Or do you work in the IT-department and do you want to prove to the management that a professional security package is really worth its investment? As ethical hackers, we break into your system to survey all of this.

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Network Audit

Mapping out the leaks and dangers in your system? That’s something we do deftly via a Network Audit based on your wishes and your company’s activities. Exposing the current risks is the first big step on the way to a better cybersecurity.

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Web Application Audit

Do you have a web application or website that processes data, like a webshop or online forum? Time to take action to prevent hackers from taking over or deleting your delicate data, or from abusing the data leaks in your system for criminal purposes.

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Incident response

Has your system been attacked by a hacker? No worries, we’re on it! We’ll examine the problem, solve the threat and offer advice to prevent these kind of attacks in the future.

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Awareness campaigns

Many hackers break into your system via fake emails or messages (phishing). Do you want to point out to your employees how important cybersecurity is? Then we can look into how conscious they already are with security and improve it if necessary .

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Social engineering as a service

A collaboration that returns every month, in which we regularly do social engineering tests against your employees and write out a report with the results. Especially interesting for big teams or companies that process a lot of data.

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Incident response plan

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. Especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Together we make up a plan that thoroughly describes what you and your team should do if things really get out of hand.

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Security monitoring

Long-term cybersecurity. In this full-service package, we constantly monitor your system, react proactively on attacks and give thorough advice about your security.

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