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Security Consulting

With years of experience and continuous self-education, our hackers at Brussec Security really know what they’re talking about. We can help you out with all computer security related questions you may have.

Get advice from IT people specialized in computer security in a technical or non-technical way.

On-site Security Assessment

We can assess the security of your IT infrastructure on-site. This means we go to your office and depending on the type of test we will try and hack our way in to see where the vulnerabilities are.

Afterwards you will get a detailed report of all the found flaws and the solutions to them.

Remote Security Assessment

We can test the security of your IT infrastructure remotely by trying to hack your website. This is not only a security assessment for the front-end, we’ll also test the back-end security with all kinds of different methods.

Most malicious hackers work remotely, so it’s important to patch every security flaw that allows remote access to your data.

Stress Testing

How well does your system perform under heavy load?

By exploiting¬†certain flaws in computer design or by sending a massive amount of requests we can try to overload the system. Don’t worry, this will not break your system, it will only shut it down temporarily until we stop the attack.

Security Training

“Knowledge is power.” – Sir Francis Bacon

We can give training to your employees and/or IT department in order to prevent future hacking attacks. We teach them how to view the world from a hackers perspective so that even they can prevent security flaws.

Security Patching

Preventing is better than healing.

We can help you fix the security holes we’ve found during an assessment. This way you’ll prevent the exploitation of these holes before a malicious hacker is able to find them.